ACL: Access Control List

ADF: Application Definition File

ADO: ActiveX Data Object

API: Application Programming Interface

AWE: Address Windowing Extensions

B2B: Business To Business

BCM: Bulk Change Map

BLOB: Binary Large Object

CLR: Common Language Runtime

COM: Component Object Model

CTE: Common Table Expression

DCM: Differential Change Map

DDL: Data Definition Language

DEK: Database Encryption Key

DML: Data Manipulation Language

DMV: Dynamic Management View

DSS: Decision Support System

DTA: Database Tuning Advisor

ETL: Extract, Transform and Load

GC: Garbage Collector

GAC: Global Assembly Cache

GAM: Global Allocation Map

IAM: Index Allocation Map

ICF: Instance Configuration File

LCID: LocaleID

MARS: Multiple Active Result Set

MDAC: Microsoft Data Access Component

ODS: Open Data Services

OLAP: On Line Analytical Processing

OLTP: On Line Transaction Processing

PFS: Page Free Space

RID: Row Identifier

RMO: Replication Management Object

SCC: Setup Consistency Checker

SGAM: Shared Global Allocation Map

SMO: SQL Management Objects

SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SOA: Service Oriented Architecture

SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

SQL: Structured Query Language

TDE: Transparent Data Encryption

TSQL: Transact SQL

TVF: Table Valued Functions

UDF: User Defined aggregate Function

UDT: User Defined Types

WMI: Windows Management Instrumentation

XML: eXtensible Markup Language



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